The following Rules for Walkers have been designed in order to provide clarity on how we organise our walks and to ensure that our walks are as safe and enjoyable as possible for all members of our group. They may be amended if appropriate and feedback is welcome, please see Sue Hill.
  1. Whilst leaders, guides, and fellow walkers will make every effort to ensure the safety of the group, everyone taking part in the walk does so at their own risk.
  2. All walkers must book their place on a walk in advance by the date indicated in the newsletter in order to ensure there are sufficient guides for VIP's. Booking is on a strictly first come first served basis. The decision of the person taking the bookings is final. Members who book on a walk and subsequently find they are unable to attend should inform the "booker" as early as possible, preferably by the date stated in the newsletter, in order to ensure that as many VIP's as possible have the opportunity to attend.
  3. All walkers should wear appropriate footwear, preferably boots with ankle support and wear/carry clothing suitable for the weather, such as extra layer for warmth, waterproof jacket etc. They should bring sufficient food and drink for the day and it is recommended that all walkers carry basic first aid items.
  4. Participation in the walk is at the leaders discretion. The walk leader is in charge of the walk and his/her instructions must be followed at all times. No one is allowed to walk in front of the leader. He/she will appoint a back marker, who will ensure that the group stays together. Anyone wishing to leave the walk early for whatever reason must inform the leader before leaving.
  5. Gates must be closed after use and no rubbish, including apple cores and banana skins, must be left in the countryside.
  6. No pet dogs are allowed on walks.
  7. Any guide dog not walking with its owner must be supervised by a sighted guide, who is responsible for knowing where the dog is at all times. The leader is the only person who may decide whether guide dogs need to be on leads or not. Guide dogs must be kept on leads/harness during coffee/lunch breaks.
  8. At the end of the walk, guides must ensure that all VIP's are able to find their way home, if necessary accompanying them to a suitable point where VIP's are confident to finish their journey independently.
  9. The group is made up of individuals with different needs and preferences. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate these, all members are expected to respect and support the objectives and operation of the group as a whole.