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WEDNESDAY 9th AUGUST - Chatsworth Park, Circular
MEET: Sheffield Interchange at 9.10 to catch the 9.30 no 218 bus to Baslow where the walk will start at 10.10.
ROUTE: Hunting Tower, Beeley Moor, Beeley Farm, Chatsworth
DISTANCE: 7 1/2 miles.
TERRAIN: Good tracks, paths and grassy fields.
LEADER: Chris Hewitt (07730472606).
Please contact Chris if you wish to join this walk, Chris will be away from 31st July to 4th August so send an email or, if phoning, try to catch her before she goes or during the 5th/6th weekend, 0114 2366685, hewitt.c4@sky.com

MEET: Sheffield Interchange 9.00 to catch the 9.25 no 65 bus to Calver Crossroads where the walk will start at 10.10.
ROUTE: Calver, over Bank Wood North and South, down to Bubnell Bridge near Baslow and back to Calver
DISTANCE: 7 miles.
TERRAIN: One short steep ascent above Calver Village, then on good tracks with one section of quiet country road.
LEADER: Mike Jackson and Paul Goodlad who will meet the group at Calver Crossroads.
Please NOTE; Everyone planning to take part needs to confirm this with John, as we have to ensure that we have sufficient car transport at the end of the walk for those travelling by bus, as the return bus will be from Baslow, where there is a regular half-hour service..

SUNDAY 27th AUGUST - Ecclesfield Via Urban Greenspaces to City Centre.
MEET: Poundland Arundel Gate at 9.15 to catch the 9.29 no 88 bus to Ecclesfield where the walk will start at 10.10.
ROUTE: Ecclesfield Park (opposite Morrisons), Butterthwaite, Harley Brook and Sheffield Lane Dikes, Parson Cross Park, Longley Park, Northern General Hospital, Parkwood Springs, Kelham Island, Sheffield City Centre. DISTANCE: 7 1/2 miles.
TERRAIN: Good paths and tracks.
LEADER: Steve Hughes and Chris Whittakker (07896075143 on the day only).
Please contact John if you wish to join this walk.

TUESDAY 5th SEPTEMBER - Loxley Valley Circular
MEET: Poundland High Street 9.45 to catch the 10.21 no 61 bus to the Admiral Rodney Loxley where the walk will start at 10.45.
ROUTE: Loxley Valley, Dungworth, Storrs, returning back to the start. DISTANCE: 4 1/2 miles.
TERRAIN: Mostly easy going tracks no stiles with one ascent.
LEADER: David (07554143262 on the day) and Norman 0114 2686339 if you wish to go on this walk. Car Drivers can park on Rodney Hill next to the Admiral Rodney.
Please contact Norman if you wish to join this walk (0114 26886339).

YOUTH GROUP... Would any of our Guides be interested in taking the Youth Group on some walks during their summer break from school? If so please contact Joanne Arden on 0114 2722757.

HOLIDAYS FOR VIP's AND SIGHTED GUIDES... Traveleyes is a holiday company who specialise in holidays for Blind people and Sighted guides. They do short City breaks and World Wide Travel. Sighted guides can get a discount of up to 50 percent. For further information call 0113 8874275 or visit their web site traveleyes-international.com

MAIN WALKS CONTACTS: Christine Hewitt (Chair) - 0114 2366685 hewitt.c4@sky.com and John Bater (Walks Organiser) - 0114 233 4080 or 07816089059

Please note that anyone intends to come on any off the walks, you must contact John Bater above (except for Wednesday walks when you should contact Christine Hewitt on 0114 2366685 or hewitt.c4@sky.com. Walks are suitable for dogs (on leads) unless otherwise stated.

IMPORTANT!! It is advisable to bring a waterproof jacket and wear walking boots (if you have them) when you come out with the group.

This is by way of a reminder to everyone about how we should be taking care of dogs on walks. There was an incident on a walk recently where a Guide dog went missing and it took some time and a lot of retracing of steps to find her again. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO BE LOSING GUIDE DOGS!!!! So - let us just remind ourselves of the rules governing dogs on walks. Firstly, it is up to the leader to say when dogs can be let off the lead. In making their decision leaders will be bearing in mind that dogs should not be off the lead near roads, anywhere where there are livestock, either in the field we are in or adjacent fields. Nor should dogs be off the lead if we are walking on a narrow path where dogs running up and down the line of walkers runs the risk of knocking people over, especially if they pick up a stick in their mouths as some of them are prone to do. Once the leader has said that dogs may be let off the lead it is up to the guide dog owner to release their own dog but they must make sure that a sighted guide takes responsibility for keeping an eye on the dog. If the sighted guide is you - then YOU DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE DOG. Ask the guide dog owner to call the dog back the minute you spot a possible problem and let's be sensible about playing with the dogs. This can just get them over excited and distracts their attention from their owner as well as the potential danger of dogs chasing up and down the line of walkers. Please do not throw sticks, dogs get splinters in their mouths which can be quite dangerous. Finally - remember that dogs must be on leads for coffee and lunch stops. Christine

Please send articles for Newsletter to gail.fagan@guidemail.co.uk Tel; 0114 2667764.


VIPs and Guides need to Contact Christine Hewitt 0114 236 6685 or
hewitt.c4@sky.com by tea time on the Friday before the walk AT THE LATEST if they intend to walk. This gives her time to ensure that there are enough guides available for the VIPs. Leave a message if she isnít in. For ALL other walks you need to contact John Bater.

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CALVERT TRUST Activity Centre in the Lake District - for people with disabilities have contacted me to enquire if any of our members would be interested. They offer a wide range of activities and include training i.e. canoeing, sailing, cycling, climbing plus indoor activities. Accommodation provided with full board or self-catering. Anyone interested to please contact me for further information. Thanks, Eric. CONTACT - Eric Andrews: Tel. 0114 229 9504 or email:ericandrews2009@guidemail.co.uk

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